Ten Year Anniversary

Ten Year Anniversary Retrospect of Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve

I knew Fung Yuen is a special area for butterflies back in 2003, but was saddened to see the place because of abandoned farmlands and invasive species over the years. This was caused by many unwelcomed visitors attempted to hunt down butterflies, caterpillars and eggs for private collections, further damaging the special scientific area.

As a result of an alarming situation at Fung Yuen, a number of scientists, butterfly experts, volunteers and local indigenous villagers decided to form a team to protect the butterflies and educate the public about Fung Yuen. For nearly a decade, the conservation work has continued to thrive, and received wide-spread support and enthusiasm from the HK public and government.

Mr. Chan Wing Lai, Eddie (Vice-Chairman of Management Committee in Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve)

Originally, the site was an abandoned piece of agricultural land. Our volunteers had worked tirelessly to put the land in good order by planting butterfly-friendly plants and maintain a good water supply system.

In addition, we also put up signs and banners to inform the visitors to respect the Butterfly Reserve, and prohibit them to capture any butterflies, caterpillars and their pupa.

Those volunteers have grown up!